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The Story of the Geranium leaf!

I had a thought to do this as a Friday Funny on my Facebook page but then thought it was too long for a status so decided on a blog post.
About 4 years ago, I cannot believe it was 4 years ago, I decided to dabble in precious metal clay and make some structural pieces. I did a course and one of the things we were shown was how to make a pendant from a real leaf.
I picked a geranium leaf from my garden.


geranium leaf


The procedure is to use liquid clay and paint over the surface of the leaf, let it dry and then do this process several times.  Once satisfied you need to “fire” the clay, then wire brush it to reveal the silver and the polish it like your life depended upon it.
I spent the entire day, like I had nothing else to do, making this leaf.
Husband came home from work and was languishing on his not quite finished decking, only been working on it for 3 years LOL.  I took my precious pendant out to show him with such pride and as he took it from my hand, he dropped it.  Yes you guessed it, it went down through the cracks in the decking.  I looked at him with that look us women get, well you better get your screw driver and start lifting planks!!!
As an engineer he got one of his ideas – ruler with blu-tak on the end, sorted!  He reached down and snagged the pendant, whoosh a white flash appeared under the decking, neighbours cat, are you playing!  She batted the ruler and the pendant fell again.


silver metal clay pendant


You could not make this stuff up!!.  As you can see the pendant was retrieved and I do wear it now and again but everytime I do I appreciate what all those people go through to make the PMC jewellery.
I decided it really was too much work for not an awful lot.  I used the rest of the clay I had to make fingerprints of my gorgeous girls.


fingerprint charms


I now have a beautiful pendant, lovely finished decking and still with the husband LOL!

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