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We currently offer a back ordering service.  This allows you to buy items which are currently out of stock so you are sure to get your chosen purchase.  As soon as we receive a backorder we will contact you with an update on when your item will be back in stock.  You will then have the option to wait or receive a refund, or even choose something else.

As everything is handmade we try to keep in stock, the very popular items, however time restraints may not always permit this so we will then make items which we know people are waiting for, as a priority.

It is not possible to say a blanket time scale for all backorders as it will depend on so many things.  However as a benchmark, the maximum would be 3 weeks.  This would be worse case scenario to allow for the purchase of supplies if not in stock, the making process and also time for hallmarking for sterling silver pieces.  Niobium, copper and gold-filled pieces will be much quicker as they do not need the added time for hallmarking.

If your chosen item is available as a backorder then it will indicate this on the product page as per the following picture.






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