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Knowing the numbers

Do you know the different metals we use here at JMD?  Have you ever looked at the periodic table? Sometimes at Craft Fairs I have heard people discussing Niobium, for example and I get things like, “Oh it is probably some alloy”.  Well it isn’t. Niobium is a Transition Metal.


Most of the metals we use seem to be in the light blue section (Transition Metals) in the middle.  21 – Ti (Titanium), 29 – Cu (Copper), 41 – Nb (Niobium), 47 – Ag (Silver), 79 – Au (Gold) although the gold I use is Gold-filled.  I always wondered why Mr Goldfinger was called Auric LOL. I also have some pieces made in no. 13 – Al (Aluminium)


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