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Knowing the numbers

Do you know the different metals we use here at JMD?  Have you ever looked at the periodic table? Sometimes at Craft Fairs I have heard people discussing Niobium, for example and I get things like, “Oh it is probably some alloy”.  Well it isn’t. Niobium is a Transition Metal. Most of the metals we […]

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We currently offer a back ordering service.  This allows you to buy items which are currently out of stock so you are sure to get your chosen purchase.  As soon as we receive a backorder we will contact you with an update on when your item will be back in stock.  You will then have […]

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Sywell Art Craft and Design Show

Sywell Art Craft and Design Show Aviator Hotel Sywell Northamptonhire NN6 0BN Held inside Hangar One a refurbished hangar, now a warm conference centre unaffected by any type of weather. Also on the same site is an Art Deco hotel and small aviation museum We will be here twice this year Easter at Sywell – […]

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Towcester Craft Market, February

Just back from the first fair of the year at Towcester Town Hall. There were approximately 12 different stalls. It always amazes me to see the talent on show at these events. It was quite cold, well freezing actually but a good time was had by all, I hope! As well as my beautiful jewellery […]

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Cuff Style Bracelets

Cuff Style Bracelets Cuff style bracelets – For many years the traditional cuff style jewellery inspired maybe by the Egyptians, has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity, here at JMD we have taken the influences from the past and woven them into this beautiful Cuff Bracelet in a Dragonscale weave, made from Sterling Silver […]

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Romanov Weave

The name of this weave hints at maybe having connections with the Romanov Dynasty, but we have researched and although Anastasia Romanov liked to weave ribbons there seems to be no real connection. The Romanov weave is a Byzantine variant created from rosettes, each Rosette is made up of two units of byzantine, sometimes, sandwiching […]

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The Story of the Geranium leaf!

I had a thought to do this as a Friday Funny on my Facebook page but then thought it was too long for a status so decided on a blog post. About 4 years ago, I cannot believe it was 4 years ago, I decided to dabble in precious metal clay and make some structural […]

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Helm weave is also known as parallel weave.  It consists of large rings and smaller rings. This weave lends itself to various mixes of metals and colours.  We have done this design mixing sterling silver with niobium in various colours.  We have also made this using the textured wire which is called DragonDust™

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Viperbasket is a weave, similar to Helm as in it uses large rings and smaller rings.  The large rings go through the smaller rings in an alternate pattern thus giving an undulating almost wave like effect. As with the Helm weave, it lends itself to be used with metal mixtures.  We have used silver with […]

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