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Romanov Weave

The name of this weave hints at maybe having connections with the Romanov Dynasty, but we have researched and although Anastasia Romanov liked to weave ribbons there seems to be no real connection. The Romanov weave is a Byzantine variant created from rosettes, each Rosette is made up of two units of byzantine, sometimes, sandwiching […]

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Helm weave is also known as parallel weave.  It consists of large rings and smaller rings. This weave lends itself to various mixes of metals and colours.  We have done this design mixing sterling silver with niobium in various colours.  We have also made this using the textured wire which is called DragonDust™

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Viperbasket is a weave, similar to Helm as in it uses large rings and smaller rings.  The large rings go through the smaller rings in an alternate pattern thus giving an undulating almost wave like effect. As with the Helm weave, it lends itself to be used with metal mixtures.  We have used silver with […]

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