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Do you know?  When buying sterling silver jewellery in the UK, it needs to be hallmarked, by law, if it weighs more than 7.78g.

Jewellery My Design has and uses a mark registered with the Assay office in Edinburgh.  Everything made by Fiona Barron at Jewellery My Design which is over 7.78g  is sent to the Assay office for testing and marking.

You can see the newest hallmarked pieces here.

Fiona Barron, Jewellery My Design hallmark

 The Jewellery My Design Hallmark features the initials of jewellery designer Fiona Barron, as well as the required UK marks of Edinburgh castle, 925, and a letter for the year.

A few words about hallmarking from Fiona Barron, Jewellery Designer.


“I regularly see shops on the likes of Etsy, Misi, NotOnthehighstreet etc. selling items marked sterling silver and they may not be hallmarked.

Some people may not care about this and feel that they are getting a bargain, however are you really. What if someone sells you a “sterling silver” bracelet and you take a reaction to it – was it sterling? How do you know? Also sometimes I have asked, is the item hallmarked, yes it is marked 925 silver – that is not a hallmark. Anyone can stamp 925 on something, it means nothing. It is highly likely that if someone says it is Sterling Silver then it may very well be, but it may not be and therefore you are paying over the odds for silver plate.

When I was having my Sponsors mark created  I had to choose from a list – firstly I had to choose which assay office – London, Sheffield, Birmingham or Edinburgh.  Sticking with my Scottish roots, I picked Edinburgh.  I also had to pick a shape – on the list was a twin circle – I have twins so it had to be this one and thankfully no one in Edinburgh had the mark of a twin circle and the initials FB.

All of my sterling pieces are marked with the conventional UK marks.  If it has added “other metal” eg. Gold Filled, niobium or copper then this is added to the hallmark as metal.

Previously when I sent items to the Assay office, as the mark was so small, it was difficult to find them.  Now I put a small heart shaped tag with JMD on each piece and this is where the hallmark goes for all to see.

When buying sterling silver jewellery, please check and protect yourselves from potential harm.”

Website Created by Fiona Barron, JMD

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